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Genic Eyewear

GENIC x GROO GROO GARDEN mini phone holder + phone lanyard set | Comes with clip

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Deng Deng Deng Bench ~ This is a portable mobile phone holder specially made from glasses plate by GENIC ~

In addition, it is equipped with a strong and durable mobile phone braided cord that is not afraid of breaking. It can be worn for a long time without any burden on the shoulders, freeing your hands at any time to meet various mobile phone usage situations!

Perfect Thickness: The mobile phone cord is 6mm thick, dispersing pressure without fear of red marks, strong and durable without fear of breakage.
Length adjustment: 100~150cm adjustment range, the length can be easily adjusted, neck hanging/oblique/side mounting can be used ~
Strong clip: Made of high-quality TPU rubber material, the thickness of 0.1cm does not affect charging and will not break!
Reinforced hardware: Using high-quality spring hardware, it is beautiful and durable. The spring hardware buckle is self-removable, light and stable, and can be easily removed in one second.