Hong Kong designed handmade glasses

Each pair of glasses is hand-made. The production team is led by Hong Kong masters and uses high-quality Italian plates to win with craftsmanship and details.

The brand regularly holds workshops, allowing students to design unique glasses and participate in part of the production process to experience the beauty of hand-made glasses.

GENIC brand story
  • Wenqing glasses can be worn at any depth

    Medically speaking, myopia with a degree of more than 600 degrees has been defined as high myopia (commonly known as deep myopia). In some patients, the degree continues to increase even after they have passed the developmental stage. If you are a patient with high myopia and have many questions that you don’t understand when wearing glasses, please feel free to Whatsapp for inquiries.

  • Experience the transparency of Japanese boards

    For many years, Genic Eyewear has often used Italian plates to make glasses. This year, it finally broke the tradition and tried to promote Japanese plates to the Hong Kong eyewear market! Because Japanese plates are made from relatively pure raw materials without any impurities, the cost is also relatively high, but its transparency is the unique feature of Japanese glasses.