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Genic Eyewear

Ultra-thin | Aspherical lens [1.67] UV protection

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Please note: The above is the price for a pair of lenses (one for each eye).

Degree range:

  • Myopia within 1000 degrees/astigmatism within 400 degrees
  • Hyperopia within 600 degrees/astigmatism within 300 degrees

method one:

Please refer to the picture above

  1. Stand in front of the mirror with your head vertical (avoid tilting it forward or backward), and place the ruler horizontally under your eyeballs.
  2. First, align [0cm] in the ruler with the center of the pupil of your left eye, and then look at your right eye with both eyes. This scale is your interpupillary distance. Measuring it 2-3 times will be more accurate.

Method two (recommended):

Please download the [EyeDistance PD] app *only for Apple users*

  1. Click here to download (free)
  2. Open the app and place the phone 30cm in front of your face.
  3. Check the interpupillary distance data on the screen. It is recommended to repeat 3 times before entering the median.

Please note: Lens production time is one week.